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Can I buy new mobile phone during the Omer ?


My mobile phone is broken – can i buy a new one during the Omer ?


Without getting into the issue if a new cell phone requires a shechiyanu or not, according to most poskim we are allowed to buy new things and say a shechiyanu on new items. This is even though it is preferable not to make a shechiyanu during the 3 weeks, this idea though doesn’t apply to sefira


Mamar Mordechai 493-2, Mishna Berura 493-2. Although the Mishna Berura writes “if he chanced upon an situation to make shecheiyanu he may” the poskim write that he doesn’t mean that one may not go and buy things, see Halichos Shlomo ( Pesach) 11-ftnt. 53, Bein Pesach L’shevous 15- ftnt. 1, also see Chut Shani that the Mishna Berura only meant that one should originally plan to buy things during sefira. Also see Kaf Hachayim 493-4, Hilchos Chag B’chag (Sefiras Haomer) 7 ftnt. 20, emes L’yackov ftnt. 466, Halachos Of Pesach 2- pg. 328, Ohr L’tzion 3-17(2).

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