Our coffee mugs happen to be fleishig, used with chicken soup, etc…is it permissible to pour soy milk made from dairy equipment into a hot fleishig coffee mug?


Yes it is permitted. Although the Ashkenazi minhag is not to eat food cooked in a dairy pot with meat , it is however permitted to place that food into a meaty pot. Especially in this case when it was already cooked in the dairy equipment, and you didn’t cook it with the intention to put it into the meaty pot, it is permitted.


Rema Y:D 95-2,

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4 Responses to “Put dairy equipment soy milk in hot fleishig coffee mug”

  1. Thanks for response. So, to make sure I understand, you are saying that is its ok to intentionally pour purchased dairy equipment soy milk into a hot fleishig cofee mug that is already filled with hot pareve coffee? Thanks again!

    • Also, is it specifically allowed in ashkenazi custom and is the mug a kosher meaty mug after the fact?

      • The Sefardi custom is more lenient on these things.

    • Yes.

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