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Is it allowed to watch cooking video of non-kosher foods?


I understand that neveilos utreifos, and nonkosher animals is mutar behana’ah, but meat and milk is assur behana’ah.
Someone in my family likes watching cooking video-clips, and sometimes they cook meat and milk together. She may use the general recipe without the dairy part, or just stam enjoy the video.

She told me to ask if this is being o’ver on hana’a from meat and milk?

Thank you


You are bringing up an interesting point. The poskim say that it is permitted to look at the videos and it is not considered benefiting from issur hana’ah. The reason is that although there are opinions that it is not permitted to benefit from issur hana’ah buy looking at it, here you are not looking at the actual issur hana’ah but at a picture of it, therefore it is permitted.

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