A while back me and some friends used an hotel in Israel’s pool facilities( including towels), I was told to contact them and ask mechilla, when I researched them I found an email of the general hotel chain( maybe just for bookings), and did not receive a reply.
Do I need to do more to reach out to them?


My assumption is that you mean that you used their pool without permission. If the hotels charges for the use of their pool, which most hotels do charge, then it isn’t merely an issue of asking mechila, you also have to compensate them for the money that you owe them.  You would have to send them a check or otherwise send them the money that they charge for swimming. You should contact the branch of the hotel that you used, because different branches can be run and owned by different people. As a side point, when you give money to a company, you have to make sure that the money indeed gets into the system, i.e. sending them a check which has to get cashed in the bank, or getting a receipt from them.

You will need to contact the hotel in order to pay them back, and while you do that you can ask mechila.

I wish you a lot of hatzlocho in taking care of this.

Best Wishes

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