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how can i keep crock pot pareve?


i have read the responsa dated june 26, 2015 titled ” crock pot for pareve”. in order to have a truly pareve cholent, I have a designated “pareve” crock pot. how do I maintain it pareve? can I serve the pareve cholent using clean fleishing serving spoon? also what is the best method of cleaning the crock pot? can I clean the crock pot with fleishig scotch in a fleishig sink?


The best way to maintain that the crock pot remains pareve is to use a pareve spoon, and not to rely on the fact that the spoon is most probably aino ben yomo, or botil bshishim. In retrospect though, if you did however use the fleishig spoon, the pot will still remain pareve. The same would apply to the sponge used to clean the pot, the best thing is to use a pareve sponge, if however a fleishig one was used, then b’dieved we will say that the soap made the meat on the sponge have a foul taste, but l’chatchila use only a pareve sponge.

Regarding the sink, the crock pot should preferably be washed in a pareve sink. If you don’t have one, then you could wash it on top of a pareve rack that was placed into the sink beforehand.

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