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Seder birches hashachar


  1. When one wakes up what is the order and things he should say?
  2. Do you say it once you get to the shul?


  1. When waking up in the morning he first says modeh ani, then he washes his hands. After using the bathroom he can then say al netilas yodayim, and asher yotzar then or when you get to shul. (If you are going to learn before davening you should make sure to say birkas hatorah before learning.) There is a preference to say elokay nisomo right after saying a “long” bracha, (a bracha that ends with a second bracha, such as asher yotzar or birkas hatorah. As far as he exact order of the brachos, there are different minhagim, (Ashkenaz, Sefardi) and therefore you should follow the siddur that is according to the minhagim that you follow.
  2. You can say them either in shul or before going to shul, but whatever brachos you already said at home should not be repeated in shul, as each bracha is only said once, (unless he uses the bathroom more than once before davening).


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