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Mozart for Babies


Thank you for this forum.
I heard that listening to Mozart, Beethoven, etc. is good for babies brain development.
(Is there any truth to this,) and on a Jewish level, is this good or bad for me to play for my baby? What comes to mind is that “Acher,” hummed Yevani tunes and became an am haaretz. So too, a person’s heart and soul and thoughts, in this case, of goyim, go into the music they play. On the other hand, “Chochma Bagoyim Taamin,” and there is chochma in music, especially these classics (in my opinion,)
So, would this be a good and beneficial thing to do for my baby, or better not to do?


If this is true or not, I can’t tell you, but it is surely better for you to have your children listen to Jewish songs that will inculcate him with feelings that promote yiras shomayim, and songs that teach love of torah and mitzvos. By the way Acher was more than just an am ha’aretz, he totally went off the derech, was mechalel Shabbos and did all sorts of aveiros (see Chagiga 15). It is true that “Chochma Bagoyim Taamin”, but we don’t have to go the goyim to get chochma, there is plenty of it in our holy torah. The Midrash (Eicha 2) that says, “Chochma Bagoyim Taamin”, is only half of the statement. The other half of the statement is “Torah Bagoyim Al Taamin” if someone wants to tell you that the gentiles have reached a higher level of knowledge, which is torah, a divine knowledge of the essence of the world and its workings, don’t believe them, because that level is only something that Yisroel can have. This comes by filling our children with knowledge from the correct sources and filling them with torah values and knowledge.

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