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Zman Krias Shema for Women


Should a woman be makpid for zman krias shema? Is it like lulav and shofar that she is exempt but gets sechar for doing it or does it not make a difference when she says it as long as she says it?


It is definitely better for her to say it before the zman, because then she has done the mitzva, similar to shaking the lulav and esrog, that even though she is not obligated to do it, if she does she is rewarded for it. However women with young children, who are busy caring for them, are anyways busy with a different mitzva. On the other hand whenever she says it she will get rewarded for it.


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  1. Thank you for your clear and very helpful information on halacha. It is empowering to be able to access the correct halacha any time of day without having to try and reach a Rav in person at inconvenient times. May Hashem bless you with endless koach and success and satisfaction in disseminating His halachot.

    1. Thank you for your warm words, they are very much appreciated.

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