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late hefsek taharah


shkiah today in my region was 7:56 and 31 seconds (according to myzmanim)
. i ran home , grabbed the cloths, and completed the bedikah, went to check my clock which had just reached 805.
can i start tomorrow as day 1?
p.s. i dont’ know if this makes a difference to my shaila, my husband keeps rabbeinu tam but i do not and come out of shabbos before rabbeinu tam…


According to most poskim, you should make another hefsek before shkiya tomorrow, and then start day 1.  There is an opinion that in your area (but not in E. Yisroel) in extenuating circumstances it might be permitted, but that doesn’t seems to be the case here.

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Pischei Halacha chap. 30 ftnt. 55, that the author was told by R Moshe Feinstein’s son, R’ Dovid Feinstein, that R’ Moshe generally did not permit a hefseik taharah that was done even a moment after sundown unless the circumstances required that one be lenient.

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