After Birchat hAtorah we learn the pesukim of BIRCHAT KOHANIM. Can we or do we use Hashem as the Substitute name , or should we use ADON—-, the “Real” name? Does it matter , or can both be used? WHAT IS THE BEST WAY LCHATCHILLA. What if we use a different POSUK that contains G-ds names, should we use substitute or real even ELOHIm—? Please answer all questions and fully.Thank you.


When saying the birkas kohanim after birkas hatorah, it is saying a whole pasuk and learning and it is permitted to say it with H-shem’s name Ado… and that is the best way l’chatchila. When a person is learning, and he is reading a full pasuk he may say H-shem’s name, Ado and it isn’t considered shem shmayim l’vatala. The same would apply if he woud be saying other pesukim.

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Taz O:CH 621-2, M:B 215-14, Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 6-3, Chayei Adom 5-2

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