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Masser from money that was collected


I am collecting money for my daughters Chasana

  1. Do I give maaser money on money I am collecting that was designated for tzedokah by others.
  2. Also can I use my massaer money for my adult teenage children who need to go to therapy but would only go if I pay it.


  1. Since the money was designated and intended by the donators to go specifically for your daughters chasuna, you should not give it to a different tzedakah, and it should go for the chasuna.
  2. If they need the therapy and they don’t have the money for it, that would be considered a legitimate tzedakah cause and you can use your maser money for it.

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  1. Igros Moshe Y:D 1 132.
  2. This is different than a parent using maser money to pay for food and their child’s basic expenses, which can’t be taken from maaser money. This is because in our society it is the norm for parents to pay for such things. Therapy however is not something that all parents are willing to pay for, and there are times that they won’t send a child for therapy because they don’t want to or can’t afford it. Therefore it isn’t considered as an obligation on the parent in the sense that he can’t use maser money for it.

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