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Hot Meat sauce splattered onto cold dairy pan


Some hot meat sauce from a bubbling meat pan on stove splattered and landed on a cold dairy empty frying pan nearby (the splattered sauce was about the size of 50 cent coin), the dairy pan had been used within 24 hours but only for parve eggs not for dairy. What is the status of the dairy pan now does it need kashering? If yes can one kasher a frying pan? what is the process. The dairy pan is quite used and not easy to clean


Since the frying pan was cold at the time that the meat spatter touched, you would only have to kasher the pan with “iruy kli rishon”, by pouring boiling water over the area that was splattered on. Wait 24 hours from the time that the meat splattered on the frying pan, the area that the meat touched should be cleaned well, and then pour boiling water over that area (but not from a meaty pot that was used in the last 24 hours). Then wash the area off with cold water.


Shulchan Aruch O:CH 451-5.

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