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Having a aino yehudi move burnt out candles on Shabbos


Thanks for this wonderful site and all the Torah it offers. I will be making a simchas in a simcha hall Friday night where all guests will light candles. At the end of the seudah once the candles have burnt out may I ask the AY waiter to move the burnt out candles to the garbage? Is this Amira L’Akum? I should mention that the need for the space the next morning is the issue otherwise I would be ok with it remaining there the whole shabbos.


Regarding telling a gentile to move muktza, in your specific situation you may tell the gentile to move them, although a person should generally not tell a gentile to move muktza without speaking to a rov  beforehand.

Best Wishes and Mazal Tov


M:B 276-29, 31.

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  1. Is there any Bossis issue here? If the baalas simcha rents the space and the tables, she becomes the owner. And the table on which she lights might become muktza even if a gentile takes off the candles.

    1. You are raising a good point, however that can be solved by placing seforim etc. on the tablefrom before shabbos.

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