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Nursing on Shabbos


My older son stopped nursing at 4 months
He is now 22 months.
My younger son is 2 months and not a good nurser so I pump for him daily so that he drinks my milk but on Shabbos I get very full and in pain. I was told I could use a hand pump to pump straight into the sink which I do when it gets really bad, but feel horrible wasting the milk.
I was wondering if my 22 month old son is allowed to resume nursing until 24 months?

Please advise,
thank you!


You can nurse him on Shabbos. There are a number of reasons why a child may nurse on Shabbos, one of the reasons is because the milk goes directly from the mother to the child’s mouth, and secondly because it is the norm for a young child to nurse. The fact that he stopped nursing for a while will not affect this.

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