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What to say shavuos morning after up all night


On shavuos morning when you stay up all night which brachos does one say?


You can say most of the brachos except for Elokai Neshoma and Hava’avir Sheyno, because we didn’t yet get a new neshoma, and we have not ha our sleep removed from our eyes. Regarding al netilas yodayim, since according to some rishonim this bracha is for starting a new day of service of H-shem, and since you didn’t go to sleep your are not starting a new day now you sholdn’t say it. However what you can do is that after daybreak, use the the bathroom  and wiping oneself you can say it after Asher Yotzar.  Therefore all of these brachos should be said by someone else and then you can answer amen. Birkas hatorah is controversial therefore it should also not besaid but someone else should be motzei you.

Have a good YomTov


Mishna Berura 46-24, 47-28.

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