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Ice cube maker for meat and milk.


Hi Rabbi!
I have a silicon/plastic ice cube tray (pareve), freeze liquid whey or ice coffee (milchigs),
1) What’s the status of the tray regarding the din of Kovush?
2) Can I still use them for ice that I will eventually eat in a meat meal?



  1. Frozen items are not considered kovish now it is in a solid state. As a side point otherwise, your freezer would have bloyos of chometz, and might possibly make the Pesach food in them chometzdik, so they would need hagalah. Therefore, we wouldn’t consider the tray as having bliyos, however it should be washed off well with soap to get off any oils.
  2. You can use them for ice, but they should be washed out well. Preferably though it would be better to get another one for meat, because mistakes can happen.


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