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Maaser Kesafim for a needy Kallah


Dear Rabbi

I know of a situation where an orphan is about to become a Kallah. The orphanage as her family are paying for all her wedding expenses. Her wedding will take place this Sunday, June 16th,

The staff and housemother are shopping with her for everything needed for the wedding and to set up her own home; beds, linens, kitchen appliances, and furniture. They need to raise $30,000 for her wedding and to set her up with an apartment

Will giving to this fund to hep the Kallah be considered Maaser Kesafim?

Thank you Rabbi for your kindness and help.


It is a great mitzva, one of the greatest tzedakahs to give for hachnosas kallah, for a girl that is so poor and unfortunate. You are lucky to have such a great mitzva fall into your lap.

¬†Tizku L’mitzvot

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