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Forgiveness for damage


Hi. I recently swiped someone’s car and caused some minor damage to the bodywork. I left a note with my contact details and they contacted me and said that they would arrange to have it repaired. I offered to help and I suggested the name of a garage that could repair it. I haven’t heard anything for a while and I suspect that they are not going to bother getting it fixed. I don’t want to have this on my “account”. What am I obligated to do? Do I need to follow up with them? If they just decide that they can’t be bothered fixing it, do they need to give me formal mechila?


It would be preferred for you to call them up and ask them what is happening, because it is possible that they lost your number. While on the phone they may tell you that they decided to forgot about and are mochel it, then you‘ll know that everything is alright.

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