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Kombucha Kashrus


When making kombucha (fermented tea), you place a mushroom-like yeast/bacteria disc into the tea to ferment it known as a Scoby. If this Scoby was made in a glass jar which was previously used to ferment other dairy products (for over 24 hours), does this scoby become dairy and would I be able to drink the Kombucha which is made with it afterwards while fleishig?


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I am not familiar with Scoby, if it would be considered a sharp item or not, but even if it is a sharp tasting food it would still be permitted. According to the Sefadi minhag, glass does not absorb nor give out taste, therfore for them the scoby is not milky at all. For Ashkenazim, even if it would be a sharp food, there is no actual milk in the Scoby, but perhaps only absorbed taste of milk. The halacha is that we are allowed to eat food cooked in a milky pot after eating meat, even though iit absorbed the milky taste. Therefore even for Ashkenazim it is permitted.



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