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Massar sefer torah


1) I recently purchased some nevium on klaf for my shul to use for the Hoftorah. Although the shul is using it they belong to me ( I didn’t give them to the shul ) . I was told I can purchase them with Masser Money as i bought them for the shul use even though they are owned by myself and if I move I would take them to be used where I daven. Is this correct ?
2) if yes to #1 , would you also be able to purchase /write a Sefer Torah with Massor Money and have the shul use it but the Torah belongs to me personally. Would you be able to be Mekam the Mitzva of writing a sefer Torah with Masser Money ?

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  1. When you buy seforim from maaser money, it means that the seforim are tzedakah’s and not yours, because ma’aser is money that we give away. Therefore, you can’t have both, that it is yours and to use maser money. You can use maser money, and then decide to take them with you to be given to a different shul, but they can’t be considered yours.
  2. Therefore, regarding a sefer torah, the mitzva of writing a sefer torah is that it should be yours. If you will use only maser money for it, you will be missing out on the mitzva, to have a sefer torah. However, you can use most of your money and a little from ma’aser, and you will have the right to keep it in any shul you choose, and you’ll have a part in the mitzva of writing and owning a sefer torah.

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  1. Although there are numerous poskim who say that nowadays a person should not buy seforim from maser money, however it is agreed that if the seforim are kept in a shul etc. that it is permitted. See B’orach Tzedaka chap 11 ftnt .174.
  2. Regarding buying a sefer torah with maser money, see Meshiv Davar 2-75, 76, Pri Hasadeh 2-19, Maharam Shick Y:D 230, that since writing a sefer torah is a person’s personal mitzva, he can’t use maaser money for it. See Ateres Paz (Zvichi) 3 Y:D 2 who elaborates on this question. See Kovetz Teshuvos 3- 147, that if the shul doesn’t have a sefer torah, that one can use money of chomesh to write them a sefer torah. Yalkut Yosef O:CH 2 pg. 550 says that it is permitted to write a sefer torah with maser money. R’ Y. Cahen shlit”a.

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  1. Please clarify #1 so it’s ok to use Masser as long as I let a shul/ Tzibber of my choice use it but I just would not be able to sell it etc…and keep the money as i used Masser .

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