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Fruit wax


I was told that fruit wax can have dairy ingredients in it and fruit wax is on the skin of the uncut fruit. Should I be concerned that my apple could be dairy when eating the peel. Do I need to eat it before meat as a precaution.


Technically you might be right, but if we will be concerned about it being milchig we first have to be concerned about the fact that it also contains treif ingredients, which come from insects. Additionally this can be an issue with candies that have confectioners glaze on them. The poskim discuss this issue, and R’ Moshe Feinstein, and R Belski zt”l held that since the wax and it’s ingredients are not really edible, and they are not there for eating purposes, therefore they are botil to the permitted ingredients that it contains and permitted. That being the case, we will not worry about it being milchig either.

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Igros Moshe Y:D 2 24, R’ Y. Belski zt”l in article I-83 of the OU. I heard that Badatz is makpid on this.

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  1. Ok, so if I understand correctly. The apple and wax (even if there was dairy in wax) are treat as parve, can be eaten with meat and washed in meat sink, correct?

    1. Yes. It might be preferred to do it in a milky sink, but you may definitely rely on the poskim that say that it is permitted.

      1. Thanks for your responses. So you are saying that Rabbi Feinstein and Rabbi Belski zt”l allow washing fruit that may have dairy wax on peel in fleishig sink, correct?

        1. correct. They don’t talk about the dairy aspect, but this is what would be understood from what they say.

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