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halacha will within the State of Israel


I have been told that a person that does not prepare a will, his family could face a lot of difficulties vis a vis the Israeli court system. Is there service via dayanim that create a halacha will that is accepted by the State of Israel justice apparatus. thanks


We do have tzava’as-it has to be done properly-should come to the beis horo’o –best on Sunday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

The Beis Hora’ah operates Sunday thru Thursday, between 13:40 – 15:30, and on Fridays between 11:00 – 13:00. All Israeli time.

During these hours one may call +972-(0)2-502-3637 or by fax +972-(0)2-502-3655

He could go to a knowledgeable frum lawyer too.


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