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Tying shoes on Shabbos


May one tie his shoes at the very beginning of Shabbos, when one will not be removing them until after Shabbos (such as one who learns the entire Shabbos and does not sleep)?


If it will stay for more than 24 hours, it is controversial, and therefore the Mishna Berura and other poskim say not to do it.


Taz O:CH 317-7, Ma”g ibid 15, Chayei Adam 26-10, M:B 371-29, Gra”z 317-3, Orchos Shabbos 10-14

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  1. So what should one do? Walk around with untied shoes, which is a sakana?

    1. Untie them before you go to sleep on the night of Shabbos.

  2. The question was about a person who stays up the whole night of Shabbos learning.

    1. You can still untie your shoes and tie them again.

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