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yichud with husband at night with door open


I’m staying by a friend in a differant town. she wont be home before 11 pm. I’m exhausted. if her husband is the only one home can i stay there and go to sleep if he keeps the door unlocked and open a fee inches?


The היתר of פתח פתוח applies to any time that people may come in. This is common during the daytime[1] and the early hours of the night, when there are usually people in the streets. During the later hours of the night, it depends on the particular area. For example, in large cities there are people walking the streets until late at night. However, in rural areas the streets get empty[2] and פתח פתוח will not apply. If someone is expected to come any minute, it’s not יחוד even during the late hours of the night [3].


[1]  באה”ט ס”ק ט’ בשם כנה”ג, וכן חכמ”א כלל קכ”ו-ז’, נדחי ישראל פכ”ד-ז’, דבר הלכה ס’ ג’-ד’, וכ”כ כל הפוסקים.

[2]  פשוט שתלוי בכל מקום ומקום, שהתר זה הוא רק מתי שיש מירתת, וע’ תורת היחוד פ”י”ד-ט”ו.

[3]  ראיתי באיזה ספר ושכחתי איזה, ופשוט שהוא כמו יוצא ונכנס כיון שאמור להגיע עכשיו.

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