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Tznius with father


I am a married woman and my father who lives afar is coming to visit my family for a short time.

Do the same sensitivities in tznius apply?

For example, if there is a robe that I wear in my home but wouldn’t wear in front of other men (not only because its a robe, but because of something slight with the pattern) but it meets all halacha entirely, should I not wear it when my father is there?

Another example, if I usually wear socks or tights, should I make sure to do so when he is in my home?

Thank you very much


If you would wear it in front of your sons, you can wear it in front of your father. There is no prohibition for a father to see his daughter, because a person normally doesn’t have such a yetzer hora when it comes to a daughter or mother, even after they are married. Therefore there is no halachic problem with it, however if you feel uncomfortable that would be more a personal thing.


Even Hoezer 21-7, Bais Shmuel ibid 14, Om Ani Choma 1 pg. 31,.

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