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Helle Rav.
I saw in a post that it is assur for a man to trim his pubic hairs for beautifying purposes the Posek said therefore it would only be permitted in a medical instance why is the only options beauty or medicinal what about for comfort (even without a rash)


It isn’t necessarily for a medical need, as the Rashba explains that it is also permitted if it is being done to alleviate other pain or if there is a specific need, such as a rash or irritation, but not if it is merely for comfort.


Rashba 5-271 that for refuah or pain it is permitted, however for beauty it is forbidden. This is brought in Shulchan Aruch Y:D 182-4. According to the Bach Y:D 182-3, it is specifically if it noticeable that it is being done for refuah purposes, i.e he has a rash there, but if it is not noticeable then it is not permitted, except if he shaves his whole body, then it is obvious that he is doing it for refuah purposes. Also see Mordechai- Shabbos 327, Yam Shel Shlomo Yevamos 14-17 that a man that has a lot of hair on his hands and is embarrassed by it, that he may shave it off because it is being to avoid pain

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