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New Aron Kodesh for the Shul


The Shul that i daven at is getting a new, big, beautiful Aron Kodesh. Is there a Chiuv to say Shehechiyanu by the Tzibbur, the Gabbai (who invests his life into the shul), or the Rav?


Since the Aron Hakodesh is benefiting a number of people the correct bracha would hatov v’hameitiv. Regarding saying the bracha, it is controversial if the bracha can be made or not, and the minhag seems not to make it. There are a few reasons why the poskim are hesitant to make the bracha. One reason is similar to seforim, that according to some poskim we don’t say shehechiyanu because it is a mitzva item and “mitzvos lav lihenos nitnu”. Another reason given is because it may not be owned by anyone specifically.  However what can be done is that if there will be a seuda, that someone should make hatov vhameitiv, on it, (just make sure that it indeed will apply to that wine).

Hatzlocho and Mazal Tov


Shulchan Aruch 223-3 M:B 13, conversation with R’ Stitzberg shlit”a author of Sharei Habracha, and other poskim.

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