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Pushka Problem with Tzedakkah.


I was recently made aware of a puska in our home (perhaps my wife or children acquired it without my knowledge from someone distributing them in our neighborhood) for a religious institution that promotes shitos/teachings that are contrary to that of daas torah; which if I were made aware of it l’chatchila I would never have accepted this pushka in the first place.

The pushka already has coins inside from sources that I have no awareness of the sources..
Can I divert the funds to a different, more acceptable organization, yeshiva, etc, or is the money that others have deposited into it already pledged and must be given to this organization if I find their hashkafas unacceptable?


The money that was already put into the pushka can not be diverted to another institution, because it is as if it acquired by first tzedakah. Therefore it should be given to that institution. Best Wishes

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