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Shabbos delivery


Hi. I am leaving for Israel on Sunday. I want to order an herbal supplement for anxiety on Amazon that I would like to take with me in case I need it. It would be delivered tomorrow on Shabbos. Is that allowed?


If it can be delivered to you before shabbos in a reasonable manner and the gentile brings it on shabbos than it is permitted. However since right now it is Friday, then if the delivery will necessitate bringing it on shabbos then it is as if you hired the gentile to do work for you on shabbos, and it would not be permitted.

Try getting from a local store or something.

Have a good Shabbos



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  1. I can’t find it at any local store. It’s a product I really wanted to take with me to Israel on Sunday. It’s for anxiety. I might not need it, but just in case, I wanted it.

    1. If you would order it with mail service that does not necessitate a Shabbos delivery and they send it earlier then expected, then they did it on their own and it would be permitted. but not if you order next day delivery.
      Additionally, maybe it can be ordered in Israel.

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