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Wearing Clothing with a Label Outside of an Eruv


We were told that a suit on which the label stating the name of the company on the outside of the garment should not be worn outside of the eruv this Shabbos. The label I am referring to is only meant to be on until one purchases the garment and then it is removed. So it was deemed that although it is sewn to the garment it could be considered hotzaah to walk outside the eruv with that label on.

I have 2 questions.
1) I was under the impression that there are opinions that would permit wearing the garment in this way. Is that indeed the case?
2) According to the ruling we got, how is one able to walk outside the eruv wearing a shirt that has a tag inside which tells the washing instructions. Or any other sort of label like that inside the garment?


  1. Before answer your question, you question should be viewed merely as a theoretical one. Being that you asked your Rov and this is what he told you, then this is what you should do even if there are other opinions. The technical nswer to your question is that yes, there are other opinions about this, see Shmiras Shabbos Khilchoso 18 ftnt. 178.
  2. An appendage to a garment that is meant to stay attached to the garment permanently is considered an integral part of the garment and it may be worn outside, however if it meant to be removed then it is not considered a part of the clothing, even though it is sewn inside it. Therefore, the label that is on the outside of the suit, which in certain societies is meant to be removed and not worn, is not considered a part of the suit and may not be carried outside. However, the cleaning instructions, since that label is not meant to be removed at any point, and people don’t care if it is attached to the inside of the garment, would be considered a part of the suit and does not have to be removed.

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