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  1. I was wondering if you could clarify for me what actions require handwashing with a kli and which ones just require that hands be washed?If a kli is required, how many times is it necessary to pour over each hand.
  2. I currently pour over 3 times, alternating hands, for netillat yadayim in the morning with a Bracha, and 3 times consecutively on each hand for bread.
  3. I also do 3 times alternating without a Bracha before davening (Shacharit, Mincha and Maariv).
  4. Is there anything else that requires a kli, or can the other washing (scratching head, touching covered body, cutting nails, etc) be done in the sink with no kli, as one would standardly wash after the bathroom?



  1. When washing your hands in the morning, and for davening you should use a kli if possible. After using the bathroom you don’t have to use a kli, but here are those that are careful about this, additionally you technically only have to wash your hands once, however some are makpid to wash them 3 times.
  2. For netilas yodayim in the morning we wash our hands three times alternating hands, but if you have to use the bathroom, don’t say the bracha yet, and wait until after using the bathroom to say both al netilas yodayim and asher yotzar. When washing for bread if you are pouring a revi’is of water over each hand, that would suffice however it is still better to pour a revi’is of water over each hand consecutively two times. There is no need to do it three times.
  3. Before davening you only have to wash each hand once, and not three times. You also don’t need a reviis or a kli, however there is a preference to do so.
  4. After scratching your head etc. you don’t have to use a kli, and washing your hands once is sufficient.



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