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On Tisha B’av it’s not permitted to learn except for certain parts of the Torah pertaining to the churban or aveilus. Do we say Birchat Hatorah on Tisha B’av, and do we say Birchat Kohanim and elu devorim like normally. These pesukim and mishna are torah. which is not permitted to be learned on tisha bav?


We do say Birkas Hatorah on Tisha B’av. There is controversy if there is a chiyuv to learn on Tisha B’av or not, however everyone agrees, that even if it isn’t a chiyuv, but when one learns the parts that are permitted, that birkas hatorah is said. Regarding Birkas Kohanim and Elu Devorim it is the minhag to say both of them.

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Shibulei Haleket HilchosTisha B’av, Divrei Yatziv O:CH 240, Dirvrei Sofrim 384 D:H Avel Muter, Sharei Nechama – Teshuvos 11, Kol Hamisablim Oleha 43-3. Also see Hilchos Chag Bchag pg. 9- 18 ftnt. 27, that Birkas Kohanim after Birkas Hatorah is considered seder hayom and it is the minhag to say them.


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