In a situation where a woman has a limited amount of time for tfillat Shacharit, is it preferable to say more off the tfillot with less concentration and focus on the meaning, or should one say less, and therefore have more time to really focus on what is being said?


It is better for her to say the things that she has to say, (Brachos, Parshas Hatomid, Baruch Sheamar, Ashrei, Yishtabach, BUIrkas Kriyas Shema, Shmona Esrei) quickly, (without skipping words) and with less kavana then to daven slower and skipping part that she should be saying. If she has more time, and it is a question of saying the optional things quickly, or less things but slower, she should rather say less and slower than more and faster.

I am attaching an article Women Davening that discusses women and davening.

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