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Who Matur’s wearing a Tallis in the street on Shabbos to and from Shule/Bais Medrash?


Rav Yaakov Kaminetsky, ZT”L was against it. Now we see many Frum Yidden wearing their Tallis to Shule on Shabbos and home after Davening and some are Noheig to make Kiddush in their Tallis at home before removing it, but not folding it of course. Can you please tell me the Makor for this as it seems to now be very widespread (I live in Toronto, CANADA). What poskim today approve of it? Also, is there a Minhag brought down to wear it home to and make Kiddush wearing it? Please provide the source for both, if possible. Thank you. Yasher Koach!


A person that lives in an area that doesn’t have an eruv doesn’t have a choice but to wear his tallis to shul. What R’ Yackov Kaminetzsky zt”l (according to what I heard) was against was that the tallis should be hidden as not to aggravate the goyim, but it wasn’t because of a halachic issue that he had with it. It could be that those who do wear their tallis, as is the widespread custom in Eretz Yisroel, and by many chasidishe people, because they either didn’t hear of it, or their gedolim were not afraid of this. Regarding the fact that many people leave their tallis on until after kidddush, see Pischei Teshuvos 289 ftnt. 7 that offers an explanation. He says perhaps according to the Shela that says that one should make kiddush on Shabbos eve with the same clothing that they wore for davening. Maybe the reason for this minhag is that they are doing the same thing for kiddush on Shabbos day.

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