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Honesty in Business/ Store Credit


Thanks for your help.
My question is regarding a recent online purchase. I ordered two items, and the package was delivered and I did not open the box yet as the delivery was very recent. I noticed that the company I ordered from was running a further discount on the sale items. Both items I purchased were from the sale and the discount was something like an extra 15% off sale items. As I did not open the box yet, I called the company and asked if they would apply the discount to my order as a courtesy. The man said that the policy is that the items would only qualify for that discount if the same sizes are still available for purchase in the sale, and both items that I purchased were still on sale, but neither were still available in the sizes I purchased (both of those sizes were sold out). So based on company policy, I would not have qualified for the discount. However the man asked his supervisor and the supervisor said it was ok, and they gave me a store credit for the price difference. My question is- is it “kosher” to use this store credit, or is that considered stealing because maybe the supervisor does not have the authority to “ok” the store credit, and it is also not in line with the larger company policy. Thanks so much.


A supervisor is usually sauthorized to give credit, and therefore the company is giving you th credit for the item. If the company sends you a store credit, they most probably have an agreement with the store that they will reimberse the store for the money that they laid out for the credit. otherwise they wouldn’t do this.



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