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Job Interview during the nine days


Is it permissible to go to a.job interview during the 9 days if you currently do not have parnasa, although your spouse does. Delaying the interview until afterwards is not possible as the person will be travelling for 2 weeks. What about preparing for.the interview including laundering appropriate clothes,. showering and shaving?


If appearing unkempt, and not shaven might negatively affect the outcome of the interview it is permitted to shave even during the nine days. This is because not getting a job, even if you wife has one is considered a davar ha’aved, a substantial loss, and is permitted, similar to what the poskim say regarding a person preparing for a date. Regarding doing laundry, since you know about it now, prepare clean clothes for yourself, and wear them before the nine days. If the situation arises that you don’t have something presentable to put on, it may be washed. Regarding taking a shower, that would only be permitted if indeed it is needed, and even if it is needed, it should only be with cold water, or what you can handle.


Igros Moshe O:CH 5 24 (9), Halichos Shlomo 14-7, Kovetz Halachos 15-3.

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