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Women Davening


Regarding I have a follow up to a question. I asked about kavannah for women during shacharit.
In your answer you mentioned that a women should ideally say Brachos, Parshas Hatomid, Baruch Sheamar, Ashrei, Yishtabach, Bןrkas Kriyas Shema, Shmona Esrei, and can add more if she has the time.
In the linked article, it mentions that women should say the rest of Pesukei D’zimra before saying Birkas Kriyas Shma.
Do the Hallelukahs count as fulfilling the rest of Pesukei D’zimra, or must she say everything (hodu, shirat Hayam, etc.) in order to be able to say Birkas Kriyat Shema?


It is better to say all of Pesukei D’zimra, but your question was that you are short on time. The minimum is Baruch Sheamar, Ashrei and Yistabach. If you have more time add the Halelluka’s, if you see that you have even more time, then say the whole thing. In the article that I sent you, there is a list of exactly which things have preferrance over other things when you are short on time.

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