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Vort in nine days


May grandparents of Kallah wear Shabbos clothes to a vort in the nine days


I haven’t seen anything written on this, but this question happen to come up last year, (when T’isha also came out on Sunday) and R’ Falk shlit”a said that this year since it isn’t sh’vua she’chal bo of T’bav, that the grandparents can put on shabbos clothes for the vort.

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  1. You wrote in the answer that this year, as was last, the week preceding Tisha B’Avi is not considered Shvua Shechal Bo.
    Don’t Ashkenazim hold that the real Tisha B’Av is on Shabbos and therefore the week preceding it would be considered Shvua Shechal Bo?

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