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breaking minyan


What should a person do when he is “stuck” in a shul – being the tenth man there, and there is no baal korei, and the person who is attempting to read the Torah is mispronouncing every other word and has to be corrected and repeat the word, and because of this the davening is getting schlepped out significantly longer than is normal or expected, while one’s wife or Shabbos host is waiting and worried? May he break the minyan or is he simply obligated to suffer through it? At what point in time does it become permissible to break the minyan?


Sounds dramatized, but it is not going to take all that much longer, even though the baal koreh needs help, and we are not allowed to break a minyan.

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  1. This situation happened to me just yesterday. It is not “dramatized.” A minyan that was supposed to end at 12 or perhaps 12:30 at the very latest (and this is when the rav gives a drasha) ended at 1:15 (with no drasha, because the rav was away). If I would not have started complaining, it would have ended even later.

    Are they allowed to hold people hostage? What if a person’s potential shver is expecting him by a certain time, and he will show up significantly late?

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