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buying a house on tisha b’av


Hi there is a house I am interested in buying but the auction is on tisha b’av this year. Is there any way one can bid at such an auction ? does it make a difference if this year is a nid’che?


The nidche part will not matter for this. Technically it is permitted after chatzos, and if it is considered a davar ha’aved maybe even before chatzos if it is done by a gentile. Practically though it isn’t in your best interest to do this at all on Tisha B’av, as the Gemora and Shulchan Aruch say that one who does melacha on Tisha B’av will not see bracha in that work, so although it is technically permitted, you would not want to do this.

H-shem should send you your house in an easy way, with a lot of hatzlocho.


Taanis 30b, Shulchan Aruch 554-23,24, M:B 554-48,49,50.

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