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Family videos during 9 days


Every once and a while I send my parents and parents in law cute videos of my children to give them pleasure and nachas. (They often share with the kids’ aunts and uncles too). Should I wait until after the 9 days to send them pictures and videos?

I am asking because I heard that videos are not permitted during the 9 days, especially if they provide entertainment/joy.

Thank you.


It is true that it is correct for us to minimize our pleasure and simcha during the nine days, it is not halachically prohibited. Therefore we have to differentiate between what should do for ourselves, and what we should do to other people. There is a difference between us having pleasure and causing our parents to have pleasure, (which is the mitzvah of kibbud av v’em). Therefore although it is a good thing to abstain from watching videos if it will give you pleasure, but when you send videos to your parent you are making them feel good, and you are allowed to do that in the nine days.

 Best wishes

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