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To the Rav,
Is it permissible to send an email on Friday afternoon (when it is שבת in א”י already) to a not frum person in ארץ ישראל that might look at the email on שבת?

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If it already Shabbos, then you should wait until after Shabbos in Eretz Yisroel to send him the e-mail, because he will most likely open it up on Shabbos, which would be lifnei iver.

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  1. Gmail has a “Schedule Send” option (the little arrow next to the send button) and you can probably schedule the email to be sent after Shabbos by him, while it’s still Shabbos by you…

    1. Good point. I was thinking about writing that, but I didn’t because it might be maris ayin if he thinks that the e-mail was sent on shabbos in America

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