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Hashem’s name on T-shirt


Someone was attempting to personalize a t-shirt with the name יהודה and unfortunately erred and put the ד at the end after the ה, thus unwittingly causing the name of Hashem to be written on the back of the t-shirt.

Being that it was done unintentionally, can:

1. The t-shirt be discarded.
2. Edit/revise the lettering to either separate the letters or change the lettering so that the letters of Hashem’s name no longer appear.

Thank you very much


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In the future he should be careful whenever writing the name Yehuda, that his can happen. However in retrospect, now that it was done, since he never meant to write H-shem’s name, it does not have kedusha and it can be edited or revised.

Best Wishes


Shulchan Aruch Y:D 176-12, Bnei Yona Siman 176 end of seif 9, sief 12, Shach Y:D 276-12.


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