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Washing baby clothes


1) We have baby clothes to be washed for my baby. Are there any limitations to washing her clothing/linen? Do I need to wait and count exaclty how much she will need and just wash those items?
2) We have some baby clothes that got soiled a while ago and need to be hand washed. Can that be done over the 9 days. (I didnt, but I could have technically done the clothes befoe)
3) Similarly, is there a problem to wash baby clothes that I could have washed before the 9 days?



It is permitted to wash the clothing of children until the week of Tisha B’av, but not during the week of Tisha B’av. (This year according to many authorities we don’t have the week of Tisha Bav since it is on Sunday) However it is permitted to wash the clothing of small children who are constantly soiling their clothing. You don’t have to count out exactly how much you need, and you can put it all of the child’s clothes into the same wash, however you cannot wash them in order to have them for after the nine days. The fact that you could and should have washed them before the nine days, will not prohibit you from washing them now. Unlike Chol Hamoed where such an idea exists, regarding adult clothing.


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