Can a girl in shidduchim get a manicure during the nine days?


This year, since Tisha B’av is on Sunday, it is permitted to cut nails during the nine days, as it is only an issue during the week that Tisha B’av occurs. For other years see


Shulchan Aruch 551-3,Taz 13, Magen Avrohom 11, M:B 20,

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2 Responses to “manicure in the nine days for shidduchim”

  1. Again, why according to Ashkenazim is this week not considered Shvua Shechal Bo because they are Noheg Shabbos as Tisha B’Av regarding Devarim Shebaseiser?

    • I don’t know what you by again, but there is a machlokes about it, and the poskim are maikel that it isn’t considered shevua sechal bo.

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