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Taking pills on Tisha B’av


Dear Rabbi,
I have an issue with anxiety and depression and I wanted to know if and how I can take my prescribed medication on Tish’a Beav. If I can, do I still say Aneinu?
P.S. Not being able to read really aggravates my anxiety (or exclusively reading Tishah B’Av matters), and I wanted to find out if I can read (at least after chatzos) non-Torah science books? In fact, this is the main issue that terrifies me on Tishah Beav!
Thank you very much



If possible take them without water, but if you can’t manage to take them without some water you can use a little bit, just enough to get it down. You are still considered fasting and can say anainu.

Regarding reading other things on Tisha B’av.

On Tisha Bav, even after chatzos we try not to divert our attention from the churban to other things. I would suggest that you read books or listen to lectures that are not on sad topics such as the churban itself, but focus on self improvement, mussar, etc. such as the topics of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage foundation etc.

Best Wishes



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