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Might owe money


About 20 years ago, I recall a friend of mine borrowing about $100 from my parents. We were both single at the time. I believe that she may have forgotten to repay this loan. I am almost sure that my parents don’t remember.
I always have had this on my head and would like to know if I should say something to her.
It would seem logical to ask my parents to forgive the loan ( if it is indeed outstanding) but that would be awkward for me.
In addition, my parents have divorced since then. If she needs to repay the money, then to which parent does it belong?

Is the money


If you can, ask her if she remembers this and if she paid. If she didn’t she should pay your father, because during the time of their marriage, the money basically belongs to him, (unless the money was specifically from your mother’s personal money). 

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