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Washing dishes on Tisha B’av


can one use freshly cleaned towels, kitchen towels and table cloths, if the prepared ones became dirty or too overused and replacements were not prepared prior to the 9 days ?

Is it permissible to wash and scrub dishes on the night of the 9 of av (especially this year that it is motzei shabbos) so that dirty dishes do not remain in the sink the entire night?



If you are stuck, there are two other options. You can “prepare” them for use during the nine days, by putting them on the floor, (not clean) and step on them until they lose their freshness. Alternatively, they can be put into the hamper with the dirty clothes to make them lose their freshness.

From the beginning of Tisha B’av and until chatzos during the day, we don’t do any melacha that takes time, in order not to divert our attention from the churban (turning on a light of tying shoes doesn’t take time). It is for this reason that we don’t sweep the floor and don’t make the beds etc. until after chatzos (and according to one opinion – preferably the whole day). Therefore, the dishes should also wait until after chatzos. It is true that the house will look a little like a “churban”, but it will still look a lot better than then the Bais Hamikdash did.

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