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Short on time on shabbat


If a woman is short on time for Shacharit on Shabbat, is there a difference in the order it importance for which tfillot should be said?
I know the order of importance for women during the week, but on shabbat when Pesukei Dezimra is much longer, are Baruch sheamar, Ashrei, yishtabach and the Hallelukas still the most important parts?
Does anything else change RE the other parts of Shacharit?


According to the Mishna Berura 52-5, on Shabbos if one is short on time they should say Baruch Sheamar, Ashrei, Nishmas through Yishtabach, even before adding in the Halelukah’s. If there is more time, say Pesukei Dzimra regular and skip the extras paragraphs of shabbos, and if there is even more time then add the first three paragraphs of shabbos (lamnatzeiach, L’dovid, Tefillah L’moshe), and if there is more time add everything.

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