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Baby nurse using an electric bottle warmer on Shabbos?



We have a baby nurse on shabbos and I was wondering if she is allowed to use the electric bottle warmer. My question is in terms of hilchos shabbos is this similar to a goy that is washing dishes that she could use hot water since its for her benefit and she could have used cold water. Is this the same since she could have done it in the slow way by putting the bottle in hot water taken from the shabbos urn, but it takes longer.
If the answer is it is mutar, would it be ossur for not being in the spirit of shabbos?

In the same vein, can the nurse use rash cream for the baby on shabbos?

Thank you very much! If you can please provide sources.


It is permitted,since you are providing her with a permitted way to do it, and she wants to do it this way for her own conveinience, coupled with the fact that it is being done for a little child, it is permitted. It is also not an issue of zilzul shabbos, because the nurse is doing it for herself.

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Shmiras Shabbos Khilchoso 31-9, TYeshuvos Vhanhagos 1-223.

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